To Text, or Not To Text, That Is The Question

For a new guy you don't want to come across as needy and a burden to text. If he really did fall asleep, it's almost guaranteed that he doesn't want to wake up to 23 texts and 17 emails. You tell yourself those messages were justified because at least you didn't call and interrupt him from doing something important... that would just be rude.

I’m Starring in My Own Rom-com

Hollywood preys off of our fantasies and allows us to escape and indulge in the idyllic romance on the silver screen, but why is that romance unattainable? Who said I wasn't worth the love shown in rom-coms? I deserve to be Meg Ryan.

Can You Love Two People at the Same Time?

Was there just a universal yes or no? A gut feeling that just tells you, yeah this is the guy for you you made the right choice congratulations you win a happy marriage and prosperous future? Or is love supposed to be complicated with twists and turns?

Is 20 the new 45?

When did gossiping about boys turn into becoming emotionally unavailable and resorting to reading self-help books to learn about intimacy? Was 20 the new 45?