7 Online Dating Red Flags

Online dating is both a new and old concept in society. There have been online dating sites in the past such as Match.com, but until…

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To Text, or Not To Text, That Is The Question

For a new guy you don't want to come across as needy and a burden to text. If he really did fall asleep, it's almost guaranteed that he doesn't want to wake up to 23 texts and 17 emails. You tell yourself those messages were justified because at least you didn't call and interrupt him from doing something important... that would just be rude.

The Cinderella Effect: The Easy Way to the American Dream

Is the American dream to work hard, or is it just to wait for a prince? It seems like now more than ever people of all ages are trying to find sugar daddies to support their princess lifestyle they've fantasized about. It's a lot easier than saving up and working hard, and slowly but surely the story of Cinderella has turned into the American dream.

Bro or Babe? The Healthy Masculinity Era

I can think of two reasons why straight men hated gay men: they were conditioned to do so in fear that if they didn't scrutiny would be placed on them, or they wanted to be us. Not in the sense that they wanted to be with a man, but that they wanted liberation to be free.

Spring Forward in Self-love

Everybody is a different flower, and everyday we are continuously discovering new details depicting what kind of flower we are. So, as we change our environments and surround ourselves with love and peace, we find balance.

I’m Starring in My Own Rom-com

Hollywood preys off of our fantasies and allows us to escape and indulge in the idyllic romance on the silver screen, but why is that romance unattainable? Who said I wasn't worth the love shown in rom-coms? I deserve to be Meg Ryan.

When the Rain Falls, Change Follows

The sound of the wind swept into my ears making it seem as though I was at the peak of the tallest mountains. I could feel my energy shift. I was letting go of expectations that were making me feel trapped. I was releasing myself to the winds of change and I finally felt free.

The Only Thing You Can Expect Is an Ending

It's weird and kind of funny in a twisted way. What kept the relationship interesting and fun ended up being the demise and cause of resentment.

Stupid Cupid, Stop Picking on Me

How can you value love when it's ubiquitous? Love is in the air like perfume used to be in Hollister.