Online dating is both a new and old concept in society. There have been online dating sites in the past such as, but until a few years ago it was subscription only. Now anybody can join online dating apps like: Tinder, Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, OkCupid, and so many other apps. Even offers a free membership option now.

But, without meeting them in person how can you judge them? People can leave out important information, or be completely different people than they say they are. Funny how they say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but they never warn you of the red flags and catfish.

Obscure Photos

Does he have blurry photos, photos only showing part of his face, far away photos, or just old photos in general? Most likely that’s a big red flag. Maybe he doesn’t like taking photos, but there has to be one good photo that showcases his appearance.

No Social Media

Hit the panic button. This man is an impostor. Sure there are men that don’t use social media, but for someone to be open enough to seek love online, it’s hard to believe that they wouldn’t at least have a Facebook account. Facebook is equivalent to having a birth certificate in 2019, like how do you not have one?

Alarming Bio

Guys that use phrases like “I need” and “I expect” need to be avoided like the plague. There is a difference between someone that knows what they want, and someone who is inflexible to change. A bio is a way for the person to tell you about themselves, so if they’re telling you they’re demanding… believe them.

Constant Messages

We all like attention, but getting your inbox filled with 5 hellos and 6 where’d you gos all in the time-frame of you taking a shower is too much. You barely know the guy; he doesn’t need to know where you’re at, or what you’re doing 24 hours of the day.

Can’t Meet Up

People are busy; it’s understandable that scheduling may be an issue for people with certain professions, but constantly canceling last minute and saying excuses on why they can’t meet up is inexcusable. There’s only so many funerals someone can attend before you question if they’re a real, or a character in Pretty Little Liars.

Sends Inappropriate Photos

Why? Just why? If he doesn’t even know you yet then why is he sending you photos of his privates? This shows erratic behavior, and that he doesn’t take you or the potential of the relationship seriously because he’s probably sent photos like that to 10 other people. Also It shows that he’s cocky because why else would he send that without permission if not to “brag” about what he’s got going for him.

Seriously, Too Serious

If he’s calling you baby within the first week of messaging, block him. He is not the one, although he may be the one to kill you. Either that or he’s messaging so many girls that he sticks to pet names so he doesn’t mix up names. Another thing to watch out for is if he tries to dictate your social media. If he doesn’t like what you post, he probably doesn’t like you. Not in a physical way, he probably loves how you look, but may not like your personality and wants to change it. Either way too possessive for someone you don’t know.

BONUS: Life of the Party

We all want someone that likes to have a good time, but posting drunk selfies and party photos is a clear sign that he might not just be a good time, but that maybe he’s an alcoholic.

If you meet anyone online that acts like this… BLOCK THEM.

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