My life is a Mandy Moore song. Oh no. What did I do to deserve that? Cupid is sparing me no remorse giving me love acupuncture. I can’t help but think I have a Vegas strip light on my forehead that says LONELY in big neon letters. But I’m not the only one, countless single people around the world express their perturbation toward the holiday. Some have referred to it as a “Hallmark Holiday” while others just choose not to acknowledge it. The animosity behind it made me curious, so I decided to matters into my own hands and go full on Nancy Drew to find out more about Cupid’s love life since he wanted to be up in mine.

It all started long ago, allegedly, there was this girl named Psyche. She was the most beautiful girl on Earth, and the Goddess Venus was so jealous of this girl she sent her son Cupid to shoot Psyche with an arrow to make her fall in love with someone unworthy of her beauty. Then when Cupid saw her he couldn’t do it, and while he was distracted he accidentally pricked himself and fell in love with her. Later, Psyche’s father is instructed by Apollo to leave her near an abyss where she will be taken to be with a horrendous monster. He does so and she is swept away by the winds and brought to a beautiful palace. Inside the palace bedroom it is completely dark and she feels her man behind her and they get romantic. This was a reoccurring event; every night they would spend together, but by dawn he would be gone. This story is getting a little too real.

Anyway, after a conversation with her rather bitter and jealous sisters she decides to take their advice and get an oil lamp and sharp knife to find out his identity while he’s sleeping. Sadly, a drop of hot oil fell upon him and awoke him causing him to flee. He was devastated. He risked disobeying his mother, and his love didn’t even trust him. This initiated Psyche to plea to Aphrodite for a second chance. Psyche would have to do multiple impossible tasks like: sorting a big pile of seeds in a night, getting golden wool from a vicious animal, and visiting the underworld to request beauty in a box. Long story short, the Gods help her accomplish all of these tasks and Cupid and Psyche live happily ever after.

Okay so wait… my love life has to be complicated because somebody’s mom got jealous? Cupid doesn’t even care about the inconvenience he puts on my love life because he’s like umm my girlfriend literally went to the underworld for me. Like okay? I’m not her, I don’t have to literally go to hell for a guy. Where did that come from? That’s like telling a guy you like him and he’s like that’s cute, but would you die for me? I don’t know who to blame. Cupid threw a fit and caused tension, Aphrodite set an impossible bar, and Psyche actually succeeded in reaching the bar, with the help of most of the gods may I add, so now Cupid is like well if she can do it obviously everyone can. The logic of a straight man baffles me.

But is there some truth to the story? Is Cupid’s test realistic to an extent? Should you have to go through great lengths to prove your love for someone? Or is love simpler than that? Every valentine’s day it seems like it’s a competition on who has the best relationship, but is this Cupid’s doing or commercial marketing? Maybe Cupid just wants to remind us to value love, but how can you value love when it’s ubiquitous? Love is in the air like perfume used to be in Hollister.

For single people they act like it’s Armageddon on their love life. It’s just a day, a mere reminder that love is possible. A chance to rekindle a dying flame, a time to spark a new fire. Much like other holidays its purpose is not to make you feel bad, but act as a reminder. Thanksgiving is a reminder to be thankful; any December holiday is a reminder to spend time with the ones you love; New Years reminds us there’s always chance to change, and Valentine’s day reminds us there’s still love in the world. That doesn’t mean you can’t be thankful, spend time with loved ones, change, or express love throughout the year too.

For people in relationships, love languages are a crucial point on the 14th. It’s important to understand what you respond to. Whether you respond more to: words, quality time, gifts, acts of service, or physical touch, it’s all up to you. You may have a mixture, but how your partner understands your language will give you answers. Much like Psyche knew how to get Cupid, your partner should know how to get and keep you. If you enjoy quality time, but they always buy you gifts and neglect quality time, Valentines day is the perfect day to express this concern. If your partner can’t speak your language for one day, as for you to their language as well, what is the likelihood that there will be any love communication on the other days of the year?

So, embrace the love in the air. Be engulfed in the fantasies of slow montages of first dates with Sixpence None The Richer playing in the background. Enjoy the discounted chocolates and cheesy movies. Because at the end of the day whether you celebrate it or not, love is never a bad choice. Whether you choose to love another person, love yourself, love your pet, love your plant that’s barely alive, or just love life, take Valentine’s day as just a simple reminder to remember to love.

As for me, I’m happy. I will always be open to love and have an excited outlook on where it may take me. Although, it’s not so fun when Cupid wants to do geometry and create what feels like a love hexagon in my life. I am open, but stupid Cupid… stop picking on me.

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